Fearless Dating for the Masculine Man

How To Destroy Insecurity, Grow Massive Confidence, And Attract Women Like A Real Man

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You must first understand the laws of attraction to captivate and retain the woman of your dreams!

It’s time to stop making excuses…

Hey there, man

The bigger picture is really quite simple:

The majority of guys see a beautiful woman and do… nothing. He’s attracted to her and wants to approach, but before he can, he freezes up. His nerves take over and he stands there doing nothing, hoping she’ll choose to approach him. And sooner or later, she walks away. Sound familiar? Sucks, doesn’t it? Believe me – I was once in your shoes. Tell me if you can relate:

By Chris Haven Professional Lifestyle/Addiction Recovery Coach Creator of the Fearless Dating for the Masculine Man Program

  • Ever buy a woman dinner, drinks or gifts, trying your best to be a nice, cool guy – yet you have NOTHING to show for it?
  • How many ladies have wanted you in their lives, but only as a PLATONIC FRIEND?
  • Ever watch helplessly as the woman of your dreams chases after some other guy – usually a jerk – and not you? And then she comes back to you, broken-hearted, only to cry on your shoulder? But only as a friend, of course. Can you relate?

The majority of men are “nice guys” who lack sexual confidence. They’re afraid to tell a woman (or anyone else for that matter) how they truly feel or what they really want because they’re afraid they might make the woman angry or somehow make things worse. Living your life in this manner isn’t manly – it’s FEMININE!

It’s time to quit settling! You need to become a man who possesses FEARLESS MASCULINE POWER and I’m going to be the guy to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know!

I’m going to show you how to to boost your sexual confidence so women not only notice you, but indulge in your masculine power. And no – you don’t have to change who you are or act like a jerk to attract women – you merely need to be ABSOLUTELY WILLING to become the best version of yourself.

And no – it doesn’t matter how old, inexperienced or awkward you are. Whether you’re a virgin, divorced or have been cheated on in the past, I’m going to make you AWESOME with women. You may not believe me now, but you will soon….

You’re going to transform into a man who knows what to say to a woman, knows exactly how to act in her presence, and knows how to touch her, creating an attraction that will make her desire you and only you. It’s time to get excited!

And believe me – I very much know what I’m talking about. I was a member of the “pick-up” community for years, and I was quite successful at attracting women. A few guys took notice and asked me to help them. I was successful and they saw results, but I became disillusioned with the dating community and its mostly ineffective, manipulative advice.

I wanted to evolve not only my teachings, but my beliefs. I desired for my guidance to be 100% effective and realized the guys who attract women with the most success have a strong base of masculinity, confidence and self-worth.

Instead of teaching men tricks or cheesy lines to use on women, I chose a much more genuine, real and successful route that achieves remarkable results.

I’m interested in shifting a man’s mindset and having him implement a handful of actions I deem essential for success with attracting women. The changes I ask you to make are subtle, but the results are TREMENDOUS. If you’ve got a working brain and me on your side, you will become great with women. And if you’re reading these words, it’s safe to say you have a brain. Now all you need is my knowledge and you’ll be in the company of the top 1% of confident men who know how to attract a woman.

My name is Chris Haven. If you haven’t yet heard of me, I’ve helped thousands of men transform their dating lives; these guys went from lacking the skills needed to attracting women to becoming confident, sexual men who understand and enjoy the dance of captivating, retaining and enjoying a desirable woman (or women). All the gents I’ve taught have made me very proud….

…and on a related front, I’m also very proud of my latest program, titled Fearless Dating for the Masculine Man.

Fearless Dating for the Masculine Man teaches you everything you need to learn and implement to engage a woman, from beginning to end:

It’s safe to say if you don’t approach a woman, you’re not going to lead the life you want to live. You see a female you want to talk to, but you feel nervous and freeze, right? You make excuses. You furiously scan your mind for that witty pick-up line. STOP RIGHT THERE!

If you don’t yet know this, PICK-UP LINES DON’T WORK! Women are very intuitive and know when a man is attempting to manipulate them, and it pisses them off (and rightfully so). Pick-up lines and other “little tricks” are a gimmick, and so are the dating programs out there that tell you to use them or to act like someone else. That’s not genuine and my program isn’t AT ALL like that.

One of the main reasons my program works is because I teach my students how to become a man of integrity; a man who possesses unstoppable inner-confidence. And believe me – women LOVE a confident man and can spot one from a mile away.

And the wonderful thing about a genuinely confident man is he doesn’t need to resort to the lines or tricks a typical pick-up artist relies on. Fear is conquered through action. Women want a man who has his “inner-game” together; a man who is comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t care what others think about him. Why do women want this? Because on an evolutionary scale, a man who possesses these qualities can usually provide for her, protect her, and take care of her future children.

Many dating “gurus” out there like to tell a guy what NOT to do, whether it’s texting too much, showering her with expensive gifts or performing any other needy behavior. Solely telling a non-confident guy what NOT to do is merely a Band-Aid on a severed limb; it doesn’t properly address the route of the problem.

As mentioned, I’m going to make you the BEST man you can be – the very best version of yourself. And when I do this, I won’t need to tell you what NOT to do, because you’ll be doing all the RIGHT THINGS because you’ll be a genuinely confident man with FEARLESS MASCULINE POWER.

I can promise you that when you adopt my teachings you’ll see results in weeks – NO JOKE. But it won’t always be easy. You’ll have to dedicate yourself to being the best version of yourself you can possibly be, and this requires honesty, some hard work, and a willingness to improve to be a better, more genuine man; the man you’re meant to be. It’s time, isn’t it? Time to live the life you WANT to live!

If you’re still reading this, I know you’re serious about changing for the better. It’s time for me to give you more of an idea as to what the program will transform you into….

I created Fearless Dating specifically for guys who want to:

  • Stop worrying about rejection forever
  • Eliminate feelings of anxiety, and any insecurities you have around attracting women
  • Make yourself attractive without “trying” or performing
  • Learn how to identify and avoid drama, and manipulative women
  • Attract women while being honest about your sexual intentions
  • Learn to do the right thing in situations without having to think or “strategize”
  • Avoid the friend zone
  • Be able to approach any woman you find attractive, without having to come up with a “line”… and without hesitation
  • Become the type of man who attracts women without trying
  • Stop chasing women… and let them chase you instead
  • Command more respect from women AND other men
  • Feel totally comfortable in your own skin
  • Become the type of man who can attract a high quality, “wife material” woman who will make an amazing partner for you… and KEEP HER in your life

I’ve been working on Fearless Dating for FOUR years and initially released it to a handful of my students. The success was UNPRECEDENTED.

When you have unbreakable confidence with women, everything takes care of itself. You don’t have to think – you merely have to BE.

Consider Fearless Dating to be the ULTIMATE investment. Turn your current life into what you want it to be – a life with a beautiful, sexy woman who wants to be with you. IT WILL HAPPEN. YOUR TIME IS NOW.

I decided to price the ENTIRE Fearless Dating Program for one payment of $197.

I typically charge my clients $400 an hour an currently have a one-month waiting list. So for the price of one hour of my time, you’re getting MANY hours of guidance, and you’ll be receiving EVERYTHING you need to know to become a confident man who attracts the woman of your dreams.

And because I want you to learn from me and buy now, I’ve decided to throw in some very special bonuses… bonuses that are worth MUCH MORE than the price of the program itself!

You’re also going to get:

Developing Sexual Confidence and Deep Connections With Women

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to have a long-term relationship OR play the field… When it comes to attraction, establishing emotional intimacy is KEY.

In this bonus, I show you how to create a DEEP connection with a woman in your first few conversations with her. These secrets will allow you to create a true, genuine connection that will have her pouring her heart out to you and feeling like she’s known you forever.

How To Choose Your Dream Girl

Look, as you apply what you learn in Fearless Dating, any problems you once had getting women will rapidly become a thing of the past…

BUT – there’s a good chance you’re going to have a NEW problem – deciding which woman to choose!

The RIGHT woman can make your life a paradise… but the WRONG woman can make your life hell, and pull you off of you masculine fearlessness and back in the dumps!

In this bonus I give you the specific tools, tips, and strategies to select and attract the BEST woman for you!

A woman who DESERVES you… is a great partner for you… and showers you with love, admiration, and affection!

Your Instructor

Chris Haven
Chris Haven

Founder of QuitPornGetGirls.com

Certified Addiction Recovery Coach

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
How do I know this will work for me?
I have worked with every kind of man- from divorcees,porn and sex addicts,autistic guys, to inexperienced guys, to virgins. I have coached men from over 40 countries and varying cultural backgrounds. Your only requirement for improvement is a strong desire to improve this are of your life PERMANENTLY, and the proactive ability to see it through. That is all.
Why can’t I just take someone else’s program?
My programs are practical, science based and require action on your part. Other programs are geared towards men who do not have issues with pornography or sex and thus, do not handle the unique psychological and sexual paradigms that face us. Usually, programs to overcome pornography use chastise men and warn them that “hook-up culture” will keep them addicted.Thus, most men may overcome porn, but further increase their sexual shame. In my years of coaching, I have not come across a single recovery coach or therapist who offers a treatment method that simultaneously addresses a man sexual shame, self-esteem ,porn addiction, anxiety about women and gives him day by day actions and lessons to complete in order to progressively improve himself.
How much material is in this course?
There are videos, and several pieces of material that will change the way you think about how you currently view sex, relationships and women – but I’m going to challenge you on this question because I believe it’s the wrong question to ask. If you’re judging something by the amount of material in it, you’ve already lost. That’s like asking a teacher how many pages she’ll assign you that year – it has nothing to do with how much you’ll learn, retain, and be able to apply. If you find only one technique, which helps you completely overcome you sexual shame, that’s possible years of sexual frustration eliminated. And each of the materials you’ll receive has been successfully tested by men who struggled with almost a lifetime of sexual shame and compulsive porn use. As a famous sex addiction recovery therapist once told me- “The value is not in difficulty of the work. It’s in the applicability’
I live in country X, will this work for me?
Unless you live in a highly sexually conservative community, yes. The principles of this program are not culturally dependent, and will teach you to become sexual with women of all (legal) ages and cultures.
Will this make me better at sex?
Definitely. Whether you have a little sexual experience or a lot, being a more sexually confident man will improve your ability in bed. The program will teach you to be more dominant, to lead, and to express your desires in an attractive manner to women. All of which help improve your sex life and make you a better lover.
What if I’m not satisfied with the program?
Then ask for a refund. You have 60 days to ask for a 100% refund (I’ll even eat the credit-card processing fees).
I’m not addicted to porn and I don’t want to be a “player”.
That’s not a question. But how you use the program is up to you; you can use it to get one night stands or you can use it to become sexually confident with women you want to date or even be your girlfriend-despite your porn use. If you haven’t signed up,its time to get off the fence, and click the link below to be among the first men to access the course this weekend.

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